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To Increase Your Success in Quitting:
  • 1. You must be motivated to quit.
  • 2. Use Enough - Chew at least 9 pieces of Nicorette per day during the first six weeks.
  • 3. Use Long Enough - Use Nicorette for the full 12 weeks
  • 4. Use with a support program as directed in the enclosed User's Guide.

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NicoDerm CQ is a three step program.You start with the highest level of medicine and gradually step down your dose.Reduce withdrawal symptoms, including nicotine craving, associated with quitting smoking.

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Know Which Method Is Best For You To Quit Smoking


There are various options available to quit smoking. But before trying any of those, you should stand by your decision to quit smoking. Unless you have a lot of willpower, quitting smoking is next to impossible no matter how effective the technique you adopt. Your decision depends upon your habits, personality and bank balance. Let us discuss how to determine the method that best suits you, along with the different methods you can adopt to quit smoking.

Determining The Method That Best Suits You

First, you need to consider your smoking habits whether you smoke only a few cigarettes or have a three-pack-a-day habit. You can try the cold turkey method to quit smoking, as it is cheap. However, it is not an easy task to quit cold turkey and only a small percentage of the people succeed this way.

Secondly, your choice for the method to quit smoking depends upon your personality. Let us understand with an example: if you want to smoke to get relief from stress then you can adopt replacement therapy. In this therapy, you can put something like gum in your mouth to overcome the urge of smoking.

If your personality consists of a weak willpower, then it might be best for you to try hypnotherapy. It will work best for you as it targets your unconscious mind.

You need to find a balance between the cost and the effectiveness of the method you adopt. Adopting two or more methods to quit smoking is a good idea. Before deciding on any particular method you want to adopt, you should do some research, as new technologies are constantly being introduced in the market, including vaccination prospects in the near future.

Methods To Quit Smoking

You may quit smoking by changing your overall routine that includes smoking. To do this, you must first assess your daily routine, determine the times and places you are most likely to light up, and then make changes in your routine to help you quit.

Preparing a list with all the reasons for not smoking and reading it every time you feel like smoking is a good tip to help you quit.

There are medications used to quit smoking if you are a chain smoker and do not have a strong willpower. Joining non-standard classes like yoga or acupuncture also benefit in quitting smoking.

Getting support of your family members, friends, co-workers, etc. is extremely important in implementing a plan to quit smoking. You can join an ex-smokers discussion group to stand by your decision and not give in easily to the urge of smoking.

Adopting any of the above mentioned methods would help you get rid of your smoking habit. However, if you want to quit smoking, the most important thing is having a strong willpower and firm with your decision.


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