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To Increase Your Success in Quitting:
  • 1. You must be motivated to quit.
  • 2. Use Enough - Chew at least 9 pieces of Nicorette per day during the first six weeks.
  • 3. Use Long Enough - Use Nicorette for the full 12 weeks
  • 4. Use with a support program as directed in the enclosed User's Guide.

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Smoking - What is it ?

from: Steven A Harold

Smoking tobacco has been something that people do for numerous reasons for centuries. It is the inhalation of smoke from the burning of tobacco. Orinigally at least that is what it was. The tobacco leaf was shredded and rolled up or stuffed in a pipe and lit. The fumes or smoke were then inhaled. Why was this started - who knows - maybe it was seen as a cure for some breathing complaint. However it started, most people who smoke want to stop.... eventually.

Today many more chemicals are inhaled into the smoker's lungs than when the practise first started. In fact there are more than 4,500 chemicals in every drag that a smoker takes. Some of these chemicals are in their naturally, others are added as part of the manufacturing process. The majority of these chemicals which include hydrogen cyanide, methane, acetone and countless others would harm you in isolation... so just imagine what those chemicals do in combination.

I believe that in today's faster society our food intake does not contain the goodness (vitamins, minerals etc) in the same quantities that the previous generation enjoyed. Foods are processed quickly for economical reasons and many additives good and bad are included. So our bodies do not get as much goodness from the food we ingest. This may be a contributory factor in why people can contract illnesses, allergies, sensitivities to many things and can result in conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and IBS to name a few. It also means that our bodies are not so capable of dealing with all those 4,500 chemicals from tobacco smoke. It is a wonder we survive the first puff !

The sooner we decide to stop smoking the better. Believing that the decision to quit smoking can be left until we are in our forties, fifties, sixties or later is a bit like playing russian roulette with your life. Just because no one has contracted any of the horrible illnessness from smoking in your family so far, does not mean that you won't. After all someone has to be the first.

Why not make sure that it isn't you. Quit smoking today because tomorrow...

Steven Harold
Clinical Hypnotherapist

About the Author

Clinical Hypnotherapist, EFT Practioner, Metamorphic Technique, Marketeer and Author
Steven Harold
Clinical Hypnotherapist

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