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A Healthier Life - An Introduction

The latest research is showing us how powerful changes in diet and lifestyle can be. Simple choices that we make in our lives every day, e.g. how we respond to stress, what we eat, whether or not we smoke, how much we exercise and the quality of our relationships—can make such a powerful difference in our health, our well-being.

Comprehensive lifestyle changes may reverse the progression of coronary heart disease, prostate cancer, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, hypercholesterolemia and other chronic conditions.

People have different needs, goals and preferences. It's not all or nothing. To the degree you move in a healthful direction on this spectrum, you're likely to feel better, look better, lose weight and gain health.

Our healthier life is based on:


  • physical activity
    Being active for 30-60 minutes on most days can help you build strength and
     fitness, relax and reduce stress, gain more energy, and improve your sleep. These benefits all add up to decreasing your risk of heart disease and other conditions, such as colon cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, and high blood pressure. 


  • eat right
    Every day you hear nutrition messages from the media and sort through
     information from advertisers who want you to buy their products. Some products are healthy, but others may be lacking in nutrients. Sometimes it's hard to sort it all out. What's important is to follow the basics: eat a healthy diet by choosing a variety of fruits and vegetables. Avoid fats, added sugars, and salt. Eat in moderation. 


  • avoid risky behaviors
    Tobacco kills more than half of its users. Don’t be one of its victims.
    You also hear stories of how substance abuse can destroy a person's life—whether it leads to the loss of a job, marriage, or even an innocent life. You have choices and can learn how to avoid risky situations, break unhealthy habits, and protect yourself and the lives of those you love.


  • see your doctor - get preventive screenings
    Do you know your blood pressure or what your cholesterol numbers are? Do certain diseases and conditions run in your family? Did you know that your genes and personal habits could be putting your health at risk? Many life-threatening diseases can be treated
    more effectively – or even prevented altogether. But you need a doctor’s help.
    Be sure to ask about screening tests recommended by the American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association,and American Heart Association, e.g.
    - cholesterol check
    - blood glucose test (sugar)
    - blood pressure
    - body mass index (bmi)
    - colon screening
    - clinical breast exam and mammography
    - pap test
    - prostate exam

The present website will continually grow and provides you with informations, trends and tips about health topics.


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